Patrick Sarmiere

Patrick Sarmiere

Company: Ovid Therapeutics

Job title: Senior Director of Molecular Pharmacology


RNA interference (RNAi) Approaches for Allele Specific, Gain of Function Mutations in Rare, Monogenic Neurodevelopmental Disorders 5:30 pm

Advances in DNA sequencing has rapidly accelerated the identification and characterization mutations at the heart of rare neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders. More than 7,000 rare, monogenic disorders are known, of which 40% are neurological in nature. Knowing the root causes of monogenic disorders has allowed mutationspecific therapies possible. To that end, use of RNAi as…Read more

day: Day 2 afternoon

Zoning in on Neurodegenerative Disease Targets
10:56 am

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day: Track A - Day 2

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