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Why Partner with the Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit?

With a huge amount of investment being poured into neurodegeneration, the leading drug developers need the support of the latest innovative technologies and flawless services in their race to developing successful therapeutics.

Research with neurodegeneration experts from the likes of AbbVie, Merck, Biogen and Roche showed that drug developers require fast, innovative and scientific-led support to transform their success which is not always available from third party providers.

Partner with Neurodegenerative Drug Development to demonstrate your ability to exceed expectations to over 180 CNS experts:

Reliable and high-quality in vivo models of neurodegeneration accompanied with high level scientific advice to improve clinical predictions
The latest in vitro models of neurodegeneration including IPSC cells and 3D organoid models
Exciting fluid biomarker technology for successful integration into clinical trials
The latest in neuroimaging, from functional PET to neurofilament light advances
Evidence that your preclinical CRO services are reliable, effective and expertise which would out-do in-house research
State-of-the-art AI and machine learning technology to transform target identification and data analysis

We will be working with a limited number of select service providers at the Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit. Please contact us to find out more about the partnership opportunities available.

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