Find out what our attendees enjoyed the most about Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit 2020

"The quality of the attendees and the speakers was outstanding. The speakers were exceptional, I was blown away. I'm still trying to recover"

Mark Henry, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Bach Pharma Inc.

"Great group of people in the neuroscience and drug discovery field getting together to share ideas and thoughts"

William Chen, Director - Systems Biology, Biogen

"Many relevant industry speakers and attendees... Great mix of presenters and attendees"

Paul Karila, Chief Scientific Officer, Cellectricon

"The networking opportunity was excellent"

Chris Min, Head of Clinical Pharmacology, Cerevel Therapeutics

"Excellent meeting, well organised, great networking"

Piet van der Graaf, Senior Vice President & Head of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology, Certara

"Excellent conference in terms of education and networking"

Ellen Leinfuss, Chief Commercial Officer, Certara

"High quality, excellent speakers, good networking"

Jan DeWitt, VP, Covance

"High quality speakers and multiple opportunities to meet the other participants... Highly informative and interactive"

Michael Ruff, President, Creative Bio-Peptides Inc.

"Great opportunity to learn and network with leaders in the field"

Christopher Winrow, Senior Director - Clinical Development & Neuroscience Program Lead, Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc.

"Very rewarding"

Fernando Dangond, Head of Global Clinical Development & Director - Medical Neurology & Executive, EMD Serono

"A very good overview of the state of the art issues that are confronting the field of neurodegeneration"

Brett Skolnick, Executive Director - Clinical Development, Gossamer Bio

"High level meeting with leading neuroscientists attending across the biotech industry"

Johan Luthman, Executive Vice President & Head of Research & Development, H. Lundbeck

"Excellent networking event"

CJ Barnum, Director - Neuroscience & Translational Medicine, Inmune Bio, Inc.

"Perfect size - large enough to be exposed to many different things and small enough to have in depth conversations with people... Great overview of where the field stands"

Alex Greenfield, Computational Scientist, Integral Health

"Excellent speakers... Great networking and insight into new developments in neurodegenerative drug development"

Behruz Eslami, Vice President - Scientific Affairs, Lupin Atlantis Holdings SA

"Great overview of current directions in the field on drug development for neurodegeneration"

Anna Jagielska, Research Scientist, MIT

"Very productive use of time with ample opportunity to connect with high-value potential clients"

Evan Mills, Business Development, Olink Proteomics

"The entire program did a great job at building in time to network, and from a Business Development perspective, this was a great opportunity"

Derek Spencer, Business Development Associate Manager, Olink Proteomics

"The Summit provided an excellent insight into the current state of research and provided a great forum for discussion. Made a lot of excellent contacts"

Steven Arnott, CEO, Perron Institute

"Very good mix of industry, biotech and academia - relevant updates and good exchanges... Interesting topics, good speakers and networking opportunities"

Charlotte Berg-Svendsen, CCO, Pre Diagnostics AS

"Great opportunity to understand the state of the field"

Doug Huey, CEO, PYC Therapeutics

"Good crop of speakers and attentive audience; the timing was just right; overall a very positive attitude... Informative talks, stimulating panel discussions, dedicated workshops, and challenging questions from an interactive and engaged audience made the 2020 NDD Summit a great vintage"

Christian Schubert, Director & Global Head of External BioInnovation, Research & Development, Servier

"NDD provided a great opportunity for discussion, feedback, and networking alongside an all star speaker line up"

Samantha Hutten, Senior Associate Director - Research Partnerships & Research Programs, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

"The time for networking was very good, and the presentations on biomarkers were great... A great gathering of like minded people on the pursuit of curing neurodegenerative diseases"

Victor Bustos, Senior Associate - Research, The Rockefeller University

"Everything was great. The agenda was clear and relevant... Great talks, relevant science!"

Thomas Miller, CSO, Tiaki Therapeutics

"Great update on the current state of affairs of neurodegenerative research"

Mark A. Reed, CSO, Treventis Group