2020 Full event guide

Download the Full Event Guide below to get a first look at the refreshed 2020 program:

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What's New for 2020:

  • Debate and challenge traditional thinking in the most discussion-based format yet to refresh the drug development approach towards neurodegenerative diseases
  • Discuss the positive progress seen in rare neurological disorders and different genetic therapies to highlight the neurodegenerative opportunity
  • Optimize the value provided by preclinical models to confidently translate into the clinic
  • Explore novel biomarker advances, including blood-based and digital biomarkers for successful biomarker integration into clinical trials
  • Improve target identification and validation to discover emerging targets for neurodegeneration
  • Transform neurodegenerative drug development by implementing AI & machine learning to analyse large data sets
  • Address the approval, investment and reimbursement challenges to improve patient outcomes