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Exclusive Interview: Henrik Zetterberg

Henrik Zetterberg, Professor at the University of Gothenburg, shares his expertise on fluid and blood-based biomarkers and the impact these types of biomarkers will have on the future of neurodegenerative drug development.

What's Inside:

"The main challenge is always analytical sensitivity, but the technological breakthroughs in the last fewyears have actually solved part of that problem. The other challenge is when you try to translate, for example a certain CSF test into a blood test, then you have to address a number of potentially confounding factors in the measurement. You have to consider interference from other proteins that are present in the blood, you might also have to consider factors like liver and kidney function, diet, exercise and sleep. There are  a number of things you need to learn about the blood biomarkers of disease when you transfer CSF to blood test. In general, when you look across neurodegenerative dementias, one challenge that remains and has been hard to address, although many people have tried, is to develop biomarkers for other pathologies aside from the classical Alzheimer’s pathologies."