8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:45 am Keynote Speaker: Reducing Undue Patient Burden with Development of Blood-Based Biomarkers – Goodbye Lumbar Puncture?

9:15 am Improving Translational Relevance of Preclinical Mouse Models for Alzheimer’s Disease

9:45 am Panel Discussion: Following in Oncology’s Footsteps: Precompetitive Biomarker Work to Improve the Likelihood of Therapeutic Success

10:15 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

Innovation Stream

Translational Stream

Addressing the Approval, Investment & Reimbursement Challenges of Neurodegenerative Drug Development

Exploring Successful Biomarker Integration into Clinical Trials

10.45 How Can Real World Evidence (RWE) Support Neurodegenerative Drug Development Throughout a Product’s Lifecycle?

Ivana Rubino, Global Head of Medical Alzheimer’s, Biogen


11.15 Exploring Intranasal Administration to Bypass the Blood-Brain Barrier

Larry Brown, Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer, Noveome Biotherapeutics, Inc.


10.45 Reviewing Biochemical Biomarkers in PD & Associated Challenges

Samantha Hutten, Senior Associate Director, Research Partnerships, Michael J Fox Foundation


11.15 Using the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging (ADNI) Consortium to Provide Consistency in Data Collection & Analysis

Aparna Vasanthakumar, Principal Research Scientist, Pharmacogenetics & Pharmacogenomics, Genomics Research Center, AbbVie

11:45 am Lunch& Networking

Unifying Our Approach to Treating Neurodegenerative Patients –
What Collaboration is Required?

12:45 pm Patient-Centric Drug Development to Optimize Drug Development Efficiency

1:15 pm Encouraging Investment into CNS & Risk-Taking with Funding to Back Novel Ideas

  • Barbara Tate Chief Strategy Officer, Dementia Discovery Fund

1:45 pm Panel Discussion: Combining Expertise & Resources – Which Stakeholders are Essential for Successful Drug Developmentr

  • Lloyd Tran Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, NeuroActiva
  • Laszlo Kiss Executive Director, WRD and Principal , Pfizer Ventures
  • Leslie Shinobu Senior Director, Clinical Development, Biogen
  • Barbara Tate Chief Strategy Officer, Dementia Discovery Fund

2:15 pm Afternoon Networking & Refreshments

Refreshing the Neurodegeneration Drug Development Approach

2:45 pm Demonstration of Early Target Engagement & Practical Implications for Drug Developers & Patients

  • Nahome Fisseha Assistant Scientific Director, Neuroscience Clinical Development, AbbVie

3:15 pm Panel Discussion: Harnessing Optimism Towards Tackling Neurodegenerative Disease

  • Pascal Sanchez Director, Translational Sciences, Denali Therapeutics
  • Nahome Fisseha Assistant Scientific Director, Neuroscience Clinical Development, AbbVie
  • Christian Schubert Global Head, External Innovation, Servier
  • Johan Luthman Executive Vice President & Head of Research & Development, Lundbeck

3:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks