8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

The Neurodegenerative Drug Development State of Mind: Challenging Traditional Thinking for Promising Future Development

8:15 am Neuroscience at the Inflection Point: Great News for Patients

8:45 am The Evolving Landscape of Outsourcing Preclinical Research in Parkinson’s Disease: A CRO’s Perspective

9:15 am Panel Discussion: Previous Failures Upon Reflection: Drug Development vs Science

9:45 am Speed Networking

10:45 am Morning Refreshments

Innovation Stream

Translational Stream

Emerging Targets for Neurodegeneration: New Prospects

Optimizing the Value Provided by Preclinical Models for Improved Clinical Predictions

11.30 Choosing the Right Target: Using Human Genetics and Biology for Target Identification and Validation.

Will Chen, Senior Director, Translational Biology, Biogen


12.00 The Gut-Brain Axis in CNS diseases

David Donabedian, Chief Executive Officer, Axial Therapeutics


12.30 A Neuroimmunology Perspective on Target Validation in Alzheimer’s Disease

Alison Mungenast, Principal Scientist & Neuroscience Lead, Eisai


1.00 Panel Discussion: Exploring Future Targets for Neurodegenerative Disease

Will Chen, Senior Director, Translational Biology, Biogen

David Donabedian, Chief Executive Officer, Axial Therapeutics

Alison Mungenast, Principal Scientist & Neuroscience Lead, Eisai

11.30 Interpreting the Data Provided by Animal Models for Optimal Drug Development – PK & PD Opportunities

Johan Luthman, Executive Vice President & Head of Research & Development, Lundbeck


12.00 The Promise of Human iPSC-based Models to Advance the Discovery of Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Sophie Parmentier-Batteur, Director, Neuroscience Discovery, Merck Research Laboratories


12.30 Seeking Improved Brain Shuttles Using Novel Endothelial ‘Omics & Human In Vitro Assays

James Gorman, Brain Targeting Program, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard


1.00 Axol Biosciences Spotlight

Steven Broadbent, Customer Technical Solutions/Electrophysiologist, Axol Biosciences


1.15 Preclinical Model Audience Discussion

Amy Easton, Senior Scientific Manager, Drug Discovery, Genentech


1:45 pm Lunch & Networking

Exploring Gene Therapy as a Therapeutic
for Neurodegeneration

Innovating Biomarker Discovery to Transform Neurodegenerative Drug Development

2.45 Using AI to Push the Boundaries of Anatomical Pathology of NDDs

Thomas Westerling-Bui, Director, Scientific Strategy & Business Development, Aiforia


3.15 Reviewing the Clinical Progress in Gene Therapies for Neurodegeneration

Oliver Danos, Chief Scientific Officer, REGENXBIO


3.45 Assessing the Challenges of Gene Therapy: Delivery, Specificity & Safety

Brad Elmer, Senior Scientist, Sanofi


4.15 Panel Discussion: Debating the Pros & Cons of Gene Therapy

Brad Elmer, Senior Scientist, Sanofi

Oliver Danos, Chief Scientific Officer, REGENXBIO

2.45 Introducing Digital Biomarkers to Stratify Patient Populations & Analyse Disease Progression 

Sheraz Khan, Director of the Khan Lab, Harvard, MGH & MIT


3.15 Popular Microglial Target: Efficient, Robust Characterization of Microglial States

Bob Switzer, Founder, President & Chief Scientific Officer, NeuroScience Associates


3.45 Path to Target-Specific Biomarker Discovery

Pascal Sanchez, Director, Translational Sciences, Denali Therapeutics


4.15 Audience Discussion: Biomarkers of Neurodegeneration

Transforming Clinical Success in Neurodegenerative Drug Development

4:45 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

5:15 pm Phase 2 for Disease Modifying Therapies in Early Alzheimer’s Disease

5:45 pm How Modeling & Simulation Technology is Revolutionizing Neurodegenerative & Complex Drug Development

6:15 pm Transforming Neurodegenerative Drug Development with State-ofthe-Art Technology

6:45 pm Quick-Fire Poster Presentation Talks

7:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

7:30 pm Scientific Poster Session