Welcome to the 8th Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit

Previously the World CNS Summit

Thank you to our expert speakers and everyone who attended the 2020 summit

The 8th Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit, previously World CNS, was held in Boston in February 2020.

Despite the lack of clinical trial success, new investments are being made in forward-thinking biotechs, digital and blood-based biomarker technologies are advancing, new targets are emerging, and gene therapy is taking the limelight.

The Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit united industry stakeholders to learn how to overcome their translational challenges, share their progress and network for future collaborations to accelerate the development of successful neurodegenerative therapeutics.

This presented an opportunity to join over 150 fellow CNS experts from Biogen, AbbVie, Sanofi and more, and allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the neurodegenerative community to help refresh the neurodegenerative approach and challenge traditional thinking to advance clinical progress.

41 World-Class Speakers Including:

Christian Schubert

Global Head, External Innovation


Henrik Zetterberg


University of Gothenburg

Pascal Sanchez

Director, Translational Sciences

Denali Therapeutics

Richard Hargreaves

Vice President, Head Neuroscience & Imaging Research & Early Development


Richard Ransohoff

Venture Partner

Third Rock Ventures

Eric Schaeffer

Senior Director, Neuroscience Innovation


Ivana Rubino

Global Head of Medical Alzheimer’s


Johan Luthman

Executive Vice President & Head of Research & Development


John Renger

Chief Scientific Officer

Cerevel Therapeutics

Sophie Parmentier Batteur

Director, Neuroscience Discovery


Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit is Proud to Partner With:


“Great meeting that has the right balance of science, drug discovery & development, and networking” - Jonathan Levenson, Senior Director, Proclara BioSciences

“High level, focused meeting, with overall very interesting presentations and discussion by decision makers in CNS R&D” - Johan Luthman, VP of Clinical Development, Eisai
"Outstanding conference" - Richard Wyse, Director of R&D, The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

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